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Dengue claims 300 lives already in September

Published: 21:59, 23 September 2023

Dengue claims 300 lives already in September

Dengue has already claimed the lives of 300 people across the country in the first 23 days.

Fourteen more deaths were reported from dengue in 24 hours till Saturday morning, raising the fatalities from the mosquito-borne disease in Bangladesh to 893 this year.

During the period, 2,865 more patients were hospitalized with the viral fever, according to the DGHS.

Of the new patients, 814 were admitted to hospitals in Dhaka and the rest outside the capital--indicating a worsening situation across the country, DGHS said.

A total of 10,572 dengue patients, including 3,794 in the capital, are now receiving treatment at hospitals across the country.

So far, the DGHS has recorded 184,717 dengue cases and 173,252 recoveries this year.

This month, a total of 60,909 cases were also reported during the same period, DGHS added.