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Attack on int’l students: Bangladeshi students in Kyrgyzstan advised to stay indoors

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Published: 22:59, 18 May 2024

Attack on int’l students: Bangladeshi students in Kyrgyzstan advised to stay indoors

Bangladeshi students residing in Kyrgyzstan have been advised to stay indoors amid safety concerns following attacks by local mobs reportedly on the hostels housing international students, including from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, in the country's capital Bishkek.

According to local media, the violence erupted following a brawl between Kyrgyz and international students, specifically Pakistanis and Egyptians, on 13 May where a local student was injured.

Later, tensions escalated as foreign students were reportedly attacked on 16 and on17 May.

The Kyrgyz government said four foreign nationals have been arrested following mob violence in Bishkek on the night of 17 May that injured at least 28 people, including several foreigners, and appeared to be directed against foreign students and migrants.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic in a statement said at present the situation in Bishkek was "absolutely calm and fully under control".

Meanwhile, a few Bangladeshi students in Bishkek have sought help from the authorities concerned.

"We are here, five Bangladeshi girls. We are inside our apartment right now. Some people are gathering in front of our apartment. Please help us," Samia Kabir, one of the Bangladeshi students at the International School of Medicine, Kyrgyzstan, told UNB today.

"We have been asked by the authorities to stay inside. We hear some noises from other apartments nearby…some Pakistanis are likely to be there," Samia added.

Mustafa, another student residing in a slightly distant location from the main city, said the number of Bangladeshi students is currently over 1,000 in Kyrgyzstan.

He said they are relatively safer than those living in Bishkek.

The Embassy of Bangladesh in Uzbekistan, concurrently accredited to the Kyrgyz Republic, has asked the Bangladeshi students in Bishkek to stay indoors to avoid any risks.

"The Embassy is also in touch with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyz Republic on this matter. As per the information released by the relevant authority of Kyrgyz Republic, the situation is under control of law enforcing agencies," the embassy said in a notification yesterday.

"However, the students are advised to stay indoors for the moment and get in touch with the Embassy," it added.

For any issues, they have been asked to contact Md Nazmul Alam, minister, Embassy of Bangladesh in Uzbekistan, via the emergency number, +998930009780.

"Our mission in Uzbekistan is looking into the matter. So far, we have not received any reports of injuries of any Bangladeshis. We are in touch with our Mission. We will share a complete report soon," a senior official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.