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The remarkable career of Deepak Kumar Acharjee

Published: 07:27, 12 June 2024

The remarkable career of Deepak Kumar Acharjee

Deepak Kumar Acharjee is an award-winning journalist, author, and influential figure in Bangladesh's media landscape. Renowned for his journalistic view, he is now the Editor and Publisher of The South Asian Times and covers a wide range of areas including government agencies, defense affairs, and the current events in Bangladesh.


His journalistic career started in 1999, as a staff reporter for two Bengali dailies, "The Daily Provat" and "The Daily Deshbangla." He also worked as a Staff Reporter for Bangladesh Today, an English Language daily in 2004. His early experiences lead him to the role as a Special Correspondent for “The Independent” newspaper (now defunct). He has spent the last 16 years covering military affairs and publishing many stories on defense strategies, collaborations, and developments. Some of those reports were, in 2014 he published a story on the country’s three-dimensional force Bangladesh Navy. The title of the story was “Navy seeks Tk. 14,000 crore to strengthen force”. Additionally, in 2014, the BAF authorities inaugurated a museum in Dhaka. Ms. Acharjee made a file titled “BAF Museum inaugurates today”. The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is a front-line force of the country that ensures the security of 4156 kilometers bordering areas with India and Myanmar. He had been covering news of the “Border Forces” as well. He visited most of the “Indo-Bangla” border and filled a lot of news stories to date. The one included story is “Russian copters to turn BGB into 3-dimensional force, two 26-seater MI-171E military helicopters to be purchased for the BGB air wing at a cost of Tk. 355.10cr each”. Mr. Acharjee conducted another series of reports regarding drugs and youth titled, “High times; The story of yaba”.
This series report brought changes in policy as well as subsequent implementation. He also visited peacekeeping missions abroad, especially in Liberia (peacekeepers from the Bangladesh Army) and Lebanon (Bangladesh Navy peacekeepers) to file reports. About the peacekeeping activities of the Bangladeshi peacekeepers in the countries in the Independent newspaper in 2011 and 2018. In addition to his journalism career, Mr. Acharjee is the author of three books, showcasing his diverse interests and talents. Through his writing and reporting, he continues to make a significant impact in Bangladesh and beyond.