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Shakib Khan accused of sexual abuse, misconduct

Staff Correspondent

Published: 08:38, 16 March 2023

Shakib Khan accused of sexual abuse, misconduct

A letter sent to the president of the Bangladesh Film Artistes' Association has come to light, accusing actor Shakib Khan of misleading assurance along with unprofessional and unethical behaviour and neglect towards the film that he had promised to shoot.
The Dhallywood superstar is also charged with raping a co-producer in a hotel room with gravely physically injuring the said victim.The letter further noted that Shakib Khan was detained in Australia for the aforementioned rape case when he returned there in 2018. Unfortunately, as the victim did not come forward, no further action was taken by the Australian law enforcers.
Rahmat Ullah, the producer of Shakib Khan-starring 2017 movie Operation Agneepath, filed the complaints. 

The complaint received by the Film Artists Association stated: "In 2017, Shakib went to Australia to work on the movie but had not finished the production yet. As Shakib Khan is a superstar, we expected professionalism from him. However, till date he has not completed the work of this movie."

Rahmat went on to detail all the several instances in which the actor had acted in a dishonest and immoral manner. 
The following is a list of accusations brought against the Dhallywood actor. 

Dismissal of shooting with no prior notice despite the preparations of the crew and producers; Creating unnecessary burden upon the crew to procure the actor's preferred food, which would waste precious shooting time and resources; Not following the set time for the shooting, appearing at the set whenever he wanted to. The producer would also sometimes have to pay the fees of the crew and wait for the actor to show up, so that the film could be completed as scheduled.

Rahmat Ullah notes that Shakib Khan fled the nation while he, the other crew members, and he were occupied with caring for the sufferer. Afterwards, they were unable to get in touch with him.