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Ukrainian military use M101 howitzers

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Published: 21:15, 27 November 2022

Ukrainian military use M101 howitzers

Information about the transfer of these howitzers to Ukraine appeared in September 2022. 105mm howitzers were stored in the arsenals of the Armed Forces of Lithuania.
101 is a short-barreled artillery weapon that fires semi-fixed ammunition. High explosive, armor-piercing, cluster fragmentation and smoke shells are used for shooting. The bolt of the howitzer is horizontal wedge, the anti-recoil devices are hydropneumatic, and the weight of the barrel with the bolt is 483 kg.
The ?101 howitzer has a reliable and convenient carriage, which requires a minimum of effort from the service to bring the weapon into combat position.
The carriage has an original shield, and the gun is carried as forward as possible to fire at large elevation angles.
The ?101 howitzer towed by a truck or artillery tractor.
Previously Lithuania completed repairing two PzH 2000 self-propelled guns for the military of Ukraine. Both PzH 2000 were brought to Lithuania at the end of October. The repair of these self-propelled guns took approximately a month.

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