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Rohingya youth confesses to killing 4 Ukhiya camp leaders

Published: 20:35, 28 September 2022

Rohingya youth confesses to killing 4 Ukhiya camp leaders

A Rohingya youth has been seen confessing to killing four Ukhiya camp leaders (locally called Majhi) in a video circulating on Facebook.
In the video, Md Hasim, 21, described how the four leaders were killed. He added that 25 youths like him were armed by some people in the camp who wanted to establish  Islamic Mahaz. The youths would be promised huge amounts of money and arms and then sent to killing missions, Hasim said. He mentioned the names of the spokespersons of the Rohingya terrorist group Islami Mahaz. They are - Shahab Uddin, Rahmat Ullah, Majhi Bhuiyan, Maulvi Rafiq, Quader, Khairul. He also added that those people used to lead the organisation. The Rohingya youth also said that they had a bigger mission ahead of them. However, he realised his mistakes and so want to leave that world and come back to normal life. Farooq Ahmed, the additional superintendent of police (ASP) of the Armed Police Battalion (APBn), who is in charge of the Rohingya camp, said, "Action will be taken against those whose names have been mentioned by this youth in the video, subject to investigation. Besides, we are always alert for the security of the camp."

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