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Kuakata sea beach empty due to ongoing blockade

Published: 08:04, 2 November 2023

Kuakata sea beach empty due to ongoing blockade

The ongoing political turmoil and countrywide blockade have taken a heavy toll on tourism in Kuakata as visitors canceled bookings with hotels and motels.

The beach area was seen quiet despite November being the beginning of the peak tourism season.


No long-distance buses left or entered the city due to the ongoing three-day blockade enforced by the BNP-Jamaat and like-minded parties.

Some smaller vehicles were seen operating within the city but a limited number of passengers were on the streets.


Beach photographers, hawkers and speedboat operators in the beach area were seen sitting idle.

Additional numbers of law enforcers were seen deployed in the beach area and other important locations of the city.

Hawkers renting umbrellas and benches in the beach area said they were hoping for a brisk business at the beginning of the season but due to the blockade, there are no tourists in Kuakata.

One of them, Abdul Hamid, said all the traders in the tourist zone are incurring losses due to the political turmoil.

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