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The Russian House in Dhaka hosts Geographical Dictation 2023

Staff Correspondent

Published: 20:46, 19 November 2023

The Russian House in Dhaka hosts Geographical Dictation 2023

The Russian House in Dhaka hosted the Geographical Dictation 2023, organized by the Russian Geographical Society. For the comfort and convenience of Bangladeshi participants, participation in Geographical Dictation 2023 has been arranged at the Russian House, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Students of Dhaka and outside Dhaka, journalists, and professionals of various levels, including Russian compatriots, participated there.
Mr. Pavel Dvoychenkov, Director of the Russian House in Dhaka, at the beginning thanked and greeted the participants and talked about the annual dictation of the Russian Geographical Society. He said that, since 2015, the international educational campaign "Geographical Instruction" has been conducted annually by the
 Russian Geographical Society. The Russian House in Dhaka has been organizing this program to support the Bangladeshi participants in this regard. The main goal of the program is to popularize knowledge about the geography and people of Russia throughout the world. The campaign is held annually, and over the past eight years, 3 million people from 126 countries have participated. Writings are devoted to geographical science, the history of geographical discoveries, and the natural and ethnic cultural heritage of Russia. Several topics related to the Year of the Teacher and Mentor celebrated in Russia in 2023
The Dictation had 40 questions of varying difficulty (10 on general facts and 30 on imagination, logic and erudition).
The director of the Russian House in Dhaka handed over certificates issued by the Russian Geographical Society to all participants in the dictation.

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