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Brahmanbaria residents miserable as heavy rainfall submerges city roads

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Published: 20:24, 18 June 2024

Brahmanbaria residents miserable as heavy rainfall submerges city roads

Continuous heavy rainfall since Tuesday morning has caused severe waterlogging in various neighbourhoods of Brahmanbaria city, bringing misery to the residents.

People going out for urgent tasks are facing significant challenges due to the submerged roads.

Despite the severe waterlogging, no immediate action has been taken by the municipal authorities, leading to widespread dissatisfaction among the citizens.

The mayor acknowledged the situation but said that there was nothing to be done for now.

A survey of the city revealed that rainwater has inundated roads and alleys in areas such as East Paikpara, Kalaisripara, Fulbaria, Tanker Par, Kalibari intersection, Datiara, and College Para.

Residents have complained about the long-neglected and uncleaned drains, which exacerbated the waterlogging.

Ajay Pal, Vishal Chakraborty, and Jewel Rana, residents of ward number 4, reported moderate to heavy rain from morning to afternoon.

They expressed frustration over the waterlogged streets and the difficulties faced by those needing to leave their homes for essential tasks. They voiced their discontent, saying that such a plight of a first-class municipality is unacceptable.

Jamal and Farid Mia from Kalibari intersection said that they did not understand what the municipality does. The citizens always pay municipal tax but receive nothing in terms of service. They demanded immediate cleaning of the drains to alleviate the waterlogging.

In response, Mayor Begum Narar Kabir explained that most municipal employees are on holiday for Eid, and there is little that can be done at the moment.

Abdul Kuddus, the municipality's chief executive officer, mentioned he is at his village home for Eid. Despite giving instructions to the workers to address the flooding, he acknowledged that with most workers on leave, the effectiveness of these instructions remains questionable.