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Why Bangladesh way behind from UK” s Education standard

Md Siddikur Rahman Layes

Published: 02:18, 25 August 2022

Why Bangladesh way behind from UK” s Education standard

It is globally undeniable and established that the only hope of the development of a society lies in the education of its people. If all students in low-income countries acquired basic reading skills before leaving school, entire societies could change dramatically. According to UNESCO, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty and can make changes in knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to enable a more sustainable and just society for all. There are four education commissions were made before liberation of Bangladesh with initial commission of Maulana Akram Khan Education Commission in 1949 and after the independence almost nine education commissions were introduced latest with Kabir Chowdhury Education Commission in 2009 (Banglapedia). The hope and determination worked for building all those education commission hardly achieved their goal and failed to mark on the world standard. Its crystal clear a sky-land unparallel between UK’s and Bangladesh’s education system in The International Innovation Index produced jointly by The Boston Consulting Group and the National Association of Manufacturers as Bangladesh ranks 121st in innovation inputs, lower than both 2020 and 2019 whilst UK ranks 7th.
I came to UK in December,2020 for bachelor program in Business management and completed my first year successfully in the university of Coventry, London and now continuing my second year at the st Marys university London. Before I move to UK for study, I enrolled in a bachelor program at the private university of the Bangladesh and studied two semesters. Therefore, I have practical knowledge about two countries bachelor educations and the big difference they have. The bachelor study of UK is mainly based on research and practical knowledge that I must study lot of journals and articles and must write my assignment with unique way and provides limitation and recommendations of previous done on my subject. Hence there is enough high technology tools used by university to prevent plagiarism and fabrication.in Bangladesh, student sit for an exam and must answer required question within time that process help a little for a student to get the whole knowledge of his field. I have completed almost two years and I have not found political movements, organisation-based followers to rally on the campus nowhere and trying to make chaos which is seen often in Bangladesh.
Education system requires to be prioritized for the annual budget so that it can improve educational infrastructure that plays vital tool for the advancement of education. Unfortunately, overall expenditure on education, total (% of GDP) in Bangladesh was reported at 1.3263 % in 2021, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, while neighbor two countries namely Maldives was reported at 4.1216 % (% of GDP), and India was reported 3.1% (as per the budget estimate)
Majority of the population of Bangladesh are Muslim and there are few religion schoolers, imprudent and unknowledgeable everything in the religion rather has a huge superstitious follower, lecture on different program in Bangladesh that study on science and technology is the biggest threat for their respective religion. So, their follower denies sending their children to the institution based on modern science and technology and this is one of the biggest key factors that Bangladesh has been failed to mark in the innovation field.
Student affiliation with national politics has indeed forced higher education institutes to close during strikes, hindering the road to development. Student politics is being used as a trump card for political interests. They can't be the pathway by which one party should progress. Political instability has hindered effective implementation of the national policy on education by inadequate provision of resources.
The learning crisis of Bangladesh is a teaching crisis. The quality of teachers has the greatest impact on improving student learning outcomes. Bangladesh face major challenges in recruiting the best candidates for a long-term teaching career. Furthermore, Teacher recruitment process are being questioned in terms of fair and merit as we notice teacher selecting occurred based on political background, bribing, partiality often published on newspaper.
Bangladesh inevitably needs to realize now that education standard has to be become based on world perspective before it goes out of control and failing to make that an uncertain education future is forthcoming. Education sectors should be put way from all kinds of political biasedness, corruption should be put way from Education sectors and hire foreign expertise to reform and renovate the at all level of education curriculum. Furthermore, seminars and research programs have to be organized both at the college and university level where participation from neighbor countries to across the world must be secured so that we can know what’s happening around the world and cope up with. 
Md Siddikur Rahman Layes, Business Management (BA), St. Mary’s university, London.

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