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Obscenity endangers mankind differently

Published: 09:35, 30 January 2024

Obscenity endangers mankind differently

Obscenity is not only a nasty path of earning money but also a terrible trap of stigmatizing human character. It is also one of the worst emblems of moral degradation because it hampers security, order, and peace by opening the doors of misdeeds. There are also many nefarious and baleful traps of misguiding mankind globally. Obscenity is one of them before mankind because it endangers them in many ways. There are also right and wrong paths before mankind in the world. If human beings follow the right path, they  will be rewarded. On the other hand, they will be punished if they follow the wrong path. It’s also true that every human society is beset with many deadly problems like eve-teasing, rape, adultery, and so on. It’s obscenity that’s largely responsible for unethical and unlawful activities internationally because it misleads mankind in different ways. A depraved person can easily do any unethical deed because he is devoid of morality or honesty. Unethical or unlawful deeds are enough to make any human society restless and unsafe. If we analyse or go through the media reports against immoral and unlawful activities, it will be easier for us to know the pictures of moral degradation in our respective societies. Unexpected and obscene pictures are also seen or found in mass media everyday. Besides, the objectionable pictures of mass media also inspire readers or viewers to do something sinister in the society. Let’s analyse some media reports one by one to know more instances of moral degradation in Bangladesh. 65% young women face sexual harassment in Bangladesh according to the report of  Bangladesh Post published on 6 March 2022. Besides, it shows us an unwanted picture about how lots of women are raped on public transports including ride-sharing services, at bus-stands and railway stations. It also shows the dirty mentalities of dishonest strangers, relatives, and neighbours by whom women are raped. The report of  Kaler Kantho published on 16 Feb. 2023 also tells us the painful story of how lots of girls and women are the victims of rape and gang-rape in different places of Bangladesh. In conformity with the report of  Ajkaler Khobor published on 10 June 2023, the men and women of different classes raise their voices against the unethical and unlawful activities of a recreational spot in Pabna by organising a human chain. The special and investigative report of Amar Sangbad on 9 Dec. 2023 upholds the terrible and tragic outcomes of unethical and unlawful activities before matrimony. Besides, it shows us how a lot of girls of different colleges and universities are the victims of unwanted pregnancies in Bangladesh. It also mentions the illegal physical relationships among the students of different educational institutions and various types of abortion.
 In accordance with the report appeared in Daily Janobani on 28 Dec. 2023, a depraved wife kills her husband mercilessly in Tangail with the help of her lover (adulterer) being addicted to adultery. It also shows us the tragic picture of how adultery, a criminal offence, spoils the peace of a family gradually. According to the Holy Quran, adultery is not only a punishable crime but also a scornful act. Indecency or dirtiness is a perilous path, which Satan uses with a view to misleading human beings in accordance with the Holy Quran. Being addicted to obscenity or indecency, lots of men of different ages including young boys involve themselves in unwanted, scornful, and unlawful deeds like eve-teasing, adultery, rape, gang-rape, and so on according to different media reports. Besides, many young girls and women are responsible for spreading objectionable or pornographic contents globally because they also upload those  unlawful and baleful contents on different social media platforms - Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, X (Twitter), and so forth. All kinds of illegal activities are strictly forbidden in the Holy Quran. It’s also true that the religion of peace, Islam always inspires noble and legal activities in lieu of illegal deeds to maintain security, order, and peace everywhere. It’s really a matter of sorrow that many depraved people are very busy in making obscene and attractive online contents to become popular and rich overnight being influenced by the people of the wrong path. As a result, they also use different types of social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, X (Twitter), TikTok, Instagram, and so on to attract others and earn money. The competition of making objectionable online contents is really an ominous instance of moral degradation. These social media platforms have lots of informative, entertaining, and educative contents. Besides, they have  objectionable and devastating contents, which are greatly liable for misleading mankind internationally though there are more reasons of moral degradation. Though entertainment is essential for us, we should accept only refined and legal recreation in place of nasty and destructive entertainment for our welfare. On the other hand, we should stand against obscene and devastating contents without delay to avoid unwanted and vile incidents. It’s a matter of sorrow that unethical and unlawful activities like prostitution and drug peddling are also committed in lots of recreational spots (parks) according to different media reports. Besides, we often find  information regarding the unlawful and immoral activities of different beauty parlors of Bangladesh on social media platforms including mass media. It’s so painful that pornographic or nefarious contents easily go viral in place of constructive or educative contents. It’s really a nasty note of moral degradation, which is also  responsible for the downfall of human beings. Lots of youngsters are also leading their lives desperately and unlawfully being the followers of the dirty culture. In accordance with different media reports, lots of  hearing and speech impaired girls including female beggars are also raped globally. These unexpected, scornful, and illegal activities indicate the beastly nature of criminals. As a Muslim, I can’t but hate unethical and unlawful deeds. I firmly believe that the educated, honest, dutiful, conscious, and intrepid people of a society can also play a vital role like others in stopping the desperate competitions of unethical, unlawful, and devastating activities. The bounden duty of Muslims is to stand against unethical and illegal activities globally although Satan will always try to lead Muslims to the wrong or destructive path. It’s also true that Satan is an open enemy of Muslims in accordance with the Holy Quran. Let’s look at a horrible report of a human rights organisation regarding the human rights situation in Bangladesh. 573 women were the victims of rape and gang-rape across Bangladesh in 2023 according to the annual statistics (report) of the Ain o Salish Kendra on the human rights situation in Bangladesh  published on different electronic media on 31 Dec. 2023. It also indicates the deplorable picture of the helplessness of women. It’s a matter of anxiety that countless youngsters are largely addicted to the obscene, recreational, and devastating contents of social media platforms. I think that exemplary punishment can also reduce unethical and unlawful activities greatly. We should also create public awareness against all kinds of illegal and immoral activities to maintain security, order, and peace everywhere. If we are not aware of Satan, we shall face numberless unthinkable problems in our lives. It will be a blazon of sagacity if Muslims avoid Satan. It’s also a matter of hope that Allah must pardon sinners or criminals if they are cordially repentant and follow the path of Islam. We can also solve all human problems easily taking the help of the Holy Quran because it always shows mankind the best path. If we don’t follow the path of Islam (religion), it will be a sign of stupidity. Besides, we must face the terrible punishment from our Creator because of our disobedience. On the contrary, if we are capable of satisfying our Creator by dint of our noble and legal deeds, our earthly lives will also be happy and successful. With a view to making our respective societies safe and peaceful, we have to fight against all kinds of ominous forces and vile cultures. 
I think that the wrong path destroys the culture of humanity gradually. It’s also true that the human society will be beset with numberless deadly problems if there is no humanity. It’s high time to follow the right path in lieu of the wrong way because history tells us that a wrong path can never bring peace. If we launch the culture of noble, constructive, and legal deeds in this world, we shall also get the benefits of those deeds as guides after our death according to different hadiths. So, the relevant authorities should take more effective steps against all kinds of criminal activities including obscenity without delay to maintain security, order, and peace everywhere. 
Md. Al Amin is a Bangladeshi columnist having a master’s degree in English Language and Literature from Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University. His X (Twitter) handle is ‘@ColumnistAlAmin’ . 

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