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Yasin Tutul won the VVIP title in Malaysia

Ahmadul Kobir, Malaysia

Published: 12:54, 30 March 2024

Yasin Tutul won the VVIP title in Malaysia

Expatriate Bangladeshi Yasin Tutul got the VVIP title in Malaysia. He was awarded the title in an informal ceremony at the 5-star Hotel Royal Chulan Ballroom in the capital Kuala Lumpur on Friday (March 29).
At this time, Y. on behalf of the influential royal family of the state of Kelantan. A. M. Tunku Mohamad, handed over to Tutul, the YB HG (VVIP) award. He was awarded the title by the Kelantan royal family in recognition of his contributions to business, NGOs and social work. The letter of honor signed by the Honorary Secretary mentions the protection of the reputation of the Royal Relative Welfare Organization (PKDL) and compliance with the Constitution of Malaysia.
In addition, expatriate young entrepreneur Yasin Tutul was made a member of the influential royal family of the state of Kelantan. Close people and well-wishers congratulated Tutul on social media and mobile phones for getting such recognition.
It is known that Yasin Tutul, the son of late Haji Ansar Ali, the former chairman of Dhaka Keraniganj, is the eldest among one brother and one sister. Yasin Tutul migrated to Malaysia in 2014 to study and write. He graduated from Kota Damasara Segi University, Malaysia and completed his Masters from Taylors University, Malaysia in 2017. Besides reading and writing, Yasin Tutul first started a salon business. Later he founded a business named YN Group. Currently there are 5 business establishments in Malaysia. Established an educational institution called Alpha University College. After that, he did not have to look back.
There are 205 people working in Yasin Tutul's establishment, including locals and Bangladeshis. The young entrepreneur Tutul plans to transform it into a multinational company in the future where thousands of Bangladeshis will be employed.
In 2020, Tutul married Malay girl Noor Ristina Fahahin. A girl was born in their house. Tutul Mama, a well-known face to the Bangladeshi community in Malaysia, has been dutifully serving as the vice president of the cultural arts group.
Yasin Tutul said, I am Bangladeshi, this is my identity. Getting this honor abroad is also an honor for the country. May I keep this honor.
Tutul also said that he will devote himself to solving any problems of all expatriates working in Malaysia.