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Attorney General urges protesters to be patient

Published: 18:52, 8 July 2024

Attorney General urges protesters to be patient

Staff Correspondent
Attorney General AM Amin Uddin has urged the protesters to be patient instead of protesting on the streets, as the issue is under  He made this statement on Monday while responding to journalists' questions at his office in the Supreme Court.
The attorney general said: “The High Court issued a decision (declaring the abolition of quotas illegal) against which the government appealed. I believe it would be appropriate not to protest against this decision now.”
Responding to a question, he said: "I have filed this case (application for a stay on the High Court's verdict) on behalf of the government. We are only looking at the legal aspect. Whether to maintain or abolish quotas is a policy decision by the government. We have presented to the court the extent to which it can intervene."
Protesting students blocked the major roads and intersections in Dhaka for the second day to enforce the Bangla Blockade and press home their four-point demand, including cancelling the quota system in government jobs and reinstating the 2018 circular.
Traffic on Bangla Motor, Hotel Intercontinental intersection, Elephant Road, Mirpur Road, and Dhanmondi was halted as a result.
The four-point demands of the protesting students include reinstating the 2018 circular conditionally, forming a commission to promptly remove irrational and discriminatory quotas in government jobs (all grades), ensuring that quota benefits can not be used multiple times, and filling vacant positions based on merit if no qualified candidates are found through quotas. Effective measures must be taken to ensure a corruption-free, impartial, and merit-based bureaucracy.
The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the High Court’s verdict that declared the decision to cancel the quota system, including the first and second-class freedom fighter quota in government jobs, illegal.
On June 5, the High Court declared illegal the circular that canceled the quotas, including those for freedom fighters, in first and second-class government jobs.
As a result, the 30% quota for freedom fighters in government jobs (grades 9 to 13) will remain in place.
Following the High Court ruling, various discussions and criticisms emerged on social media. Additionally, protests and demonstrations took place in several locations, including Dhaka University.
Meanwhile, students of Dhaka University demanded the withdrawal of the High Court's verdict to reinstate the 30% quota for the children of freedom fighters in government jobs from grades 9 to 13.
On October 4, 2018, the Ministry of Public Administration issued a circular to implement the cabinet's decision to abolish the existing quota system for direct recruitment to first and second-class posts in government jobs.