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Business-tech event ‘Face the Future’ held in city

Staff Correspondent

Published: 16:37, 29 March 2023

Business-tech event ‘Face the Future’ held in city

East west university, Department of Business Administration, hassuccessfully organised a panel discussion event titled “Face theFuture” with a tagline of “stay ahead with MIS” on Monday for thecourse, “Enterprise Information Systems”.The main organisers of this event were a bunch of enthusiasticstudents of Section -1 of the course “MIS 305”, Enterprise InformationSystems. The students have organized the event with the support of thecourse instructor and the department. 

From them some of the studentswere hosts, some of the students have handled the event’s fooddistribution, conducted the invited guests who were resource persons.Students worked hard to collaborate the practical interest andinstitutional theories through this event.In the event, there were many distinguished and spectacular guestspresent. 
The chairperson of the “Business Administration Department “,Professor Farhana Ferdousi attended the event to encourage thestudents. The course instructor of “Enterprise Information Systems”Ms. Bushra Humyra Esha, Senior lecturer and respected faculty ofBusiness Administration Department and Assistant Professor, KohinoorBiswas were present in the event.The focal motive organising this spectacular event was to inspire thestudents to study IT in business. 
To identify the opportunities andpossibilities of MIS in business, students took the initiative. As theera is surviving in the “technology” period, so, to update with theera and pace with the flow, a student must have to be learnt abouttechnology and outcome.
 Along with this, the students must know aboutthe considerations and segments of MIS. That’s why, course instructorBushra Humyra Esha has taken the lead to organize this event.In this event, 4 resource persons were present as speakers fromwell-known IT companies.
 They are Syed Soheal Reza, CEO, ADN Digi NetLTD; Mrityunjoy Das, Director, Next IT; Medina Ali, Medina TechLimited (Dr Chashi) and Atif Ahmed Akkhor, Executive Director, MedinaTech LTD.In the event, they discussed their services which basically hadcontributed to learning about the usage of business and technology.Syed Soheal Reza, the chief executive of “ADN Diginet” has discussedtheir flagship product, which is Roboket, which basically helps toacquire and retain customers through AI. He discussed how technologyis shaping the world of business and what the role of future businessleaders to perform to survive.
Mrityunjoy Das, Director, Next IT, introduced the students with “smartinteractive restaurant table” which is a perfect example of “futurerestaurant table”. From the speakers, Students obtained to identifyhow the future restaurant ERP, cash transaction and other officialworks are going to be happen in future. How a table can run order,cash and interactions of an entire restaurant. The team is alsoworking with a concept, “Director’s table”.Dr. Chashi, Agri-tech company which is working for the agriculturalbusiness. The speaker has discussed about data, farmer, climate ofBangladesh. They have also given the idea about “career path” in theIT in Bangladesh in present and in future.To organize this session more engaging, a set of quizzes wascoordinated to construct the students involve more in it. The studentsparticipated in the quizzes with excitement. Out of many students 10enthusiastic students won exciting prizes for their remarkableresponds. 
Next IT was the sponsors of the gifts.For this insightful event in the topic of “Management InformationSystems”, The heartiest thanks to the course instructor Ms. BushraHumyra Esha for arranging and organizing such an incredible event. Thestudents of MIS 305, section-1 deserve credit for putting in so mucheffort.We would like to express our gratitude to the sponsors. We’d like togive cordial thanks to our food sponsor “The Civil Engineers ltd andModern world Construction Company Ltd” and “New Zealand Dairy”.
We received informative books like “Atomic habit”, “Igikai”, “Thinkgrow and rich” and “Man’s search for meaning” from “Blurry books” asour gift partner. We’d like to give heartiest thanks to our departmentof business administration for arranging such marvelous gifts andappreciation for the resource persons.
We also would like to give thanks to our Media partner “The South Asian Times” and Videography photography partner – “SKM Raw Moments”for capturing our event thoroughly.Department of Business Administration is looking forward to arrangingmore wonderful insightful sessions in the future for the students atEast West University.

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