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US Army, Nanotechnology Experts to Develop New Soldier Protection Gear

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Published: 22:42, 23 November 2022

US Army, Nanotechnology Experts to Develop New Soldier Protection Gear

The US Army Combat Capabilities Development (DEVCOM) Soldier Center and Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN) have signed a $1.05-million agreement to develop protective equipment from nanoscale materials. As part of the initiative, the Innovative Collaborative Laboratory for Nanotechnologies to Empower Future Soldier (ICONS) facility was launched in North Carolina. The laboratory will leverage the expertise of DEVCOM’s research teams, JSNN faculty, and the institute’s students in conducting work for the program. JSNN professors Kristen Dellinger of the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and Tetyana Ignatova of the University of North Carolina Greensboro will co-lead the ICONS research. ‘A Unique Opportunity’
According to JSNN, ICONS will integrate new sustainable nanoscale materials with yarns and fabrics used for military gear.
The materials will be used as additives for helmets and other safety devices.
Sets produced from the initiative are expected to provide soldiers with safer, lighter battlefield equipment.
Meanwhile, teams working on the project will have access to JSNN’s nanodevice fabrication facilities to develop sensors that can detect chemical hazards.
“This is a unique opportunity for JSNN’s students to engage in collaborative research that advances the technologies needed to support soldiers and other military-relevant applications,” explained Sherine Obare, Dean of JSNN.
“And with JSNN’s proximity to several North Carolina military bases, our researchers can directly connect with military personnel and veterans to understand the needs of soldiers to develop solutions from the users’ perspective.”


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