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Indian Navy Ship Sumedha arrives Egypt for Exercise Bright Star-23

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Published: 09:35, 8 September 2023

Indian Navy Ship Sumedha arrives Egypt for Exercise Bright Star-23

In a development highlighting India's growing presence on the global military stage, the Indian Navy's INS Sumedha arrived at Port Alexandria, Egypt, on September 6 to take part in 'Exercise Bright Star-23.'
This multinational Tri-Services military exercise marks a historic occasion, with 34 countries participating, making it the largest joint military exercise ever held in the Middle East and North Africa region.
The exercise, Ex Bright Star 23, is meticulously planned in two phases. The Harbour Phase involves an array of activities, including cross-deck visits, professional exchanges, sports events, and strategic interactions aimed at planning and executing the Sea Phase, according to the Ministry of Defence press release.
The Sea Phase is set to encompass complex and high-intensity exercises, featuring cross-deck flying, anti-surface and anti-air exercises, and live weapon firing drills.
This endeavour offers a golden opportunity for the Indian Navy to enhance and showcase its interoperability with partner nations while benefiting from the best practices in maritime security operations.
The maiden entry of the Indian Navy into Exercise Bright Star makes this participation noteworthy. Additionally, it will witness the involvement of naval ships from several friendly foreign Navies.
The exercise, spanning two intense weeks, focuses on reaffirming the ability of the participating navies to operate harmoniously as an integrated force, according to the release. It underscores their shared commitment to global maritime security and stability through collaborative training and mutual understanding.