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Increasing prices of essential commodities in Ctg

Kamal Uddin Khokon, Ctg

Published: 01:20, 19 March 2023

Increasing prices of essential commodities in Ctg

The market of almost items of essential commodities became unstable due to supply shortage, the businessmen said. Prices of Oil, rice and sugar have been rising in the port city. Now, the price of onion, garlic and ginger is increasing. The businessmen also claimed that the prices of consumer goods have increased due to low imports. Currently, the prices of almost all products have increased from Tk 5 to Tk 10 per kg. Meanwhile, due to the increase in the price of consumer goods, the middle class people came under another round of pressure.
On Friday, bottled soybean oil is being sold at Tk 187 per liter, 3 liter is selling at Tk 555 and 5 liter oil is selling at Tk 900 in Chattogram. On the other hand, sugar is currently being sold at Tk 115 per kg in the market. On the other hand, thin grains of lentils are being sold at Tk 140 and coarse grains are being sold at Tk 100. Chinese ginger is selling at Tk 160, garlic is selling at Tk 145 and Indian onion is selling at Tk 40-45. Jirasail rice is being sold at Tk 75 per kg, Nazirshail at Tk 80, Miniket atap at Tk 65, and paijam at Tk 70. Retailer of Kazi Deuri Bhandar store Mizanur Rahman said that the prices of all kinds of products have been increasing for the past few weeks. In addition, the wholesalers have increased the prices on the pretext that the import of products has decreased.
Zainal Abedin, a private employee, said that due to Corona, our salary has not increased even one taka. I sent the family to the village house. Now the prices of e3ssentials are increasing. If this continues, I don't know what will happen in near future, he added.
Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) Chattogram divisional president SM Nazer Hossain said that the businessmen are busy cutting the pockets of the buyers by making excuses from time to time. Sometimes they hiking prices of onions, sometimes with oil-sugar. Even if the price of a product increases by 1 US dollar in the international market, they immediately increase the price. "If the rate of the product in the international market is reduced, then they do not reduce the price in the wholesale market," he said. "This means that the market of consumer goods runs at the discretion of the traders," he added.

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