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Mass Training Outline for Smart Bangladesh

Engr. DM Majibor Rahman

Published: 14:24, 1 July 2024

Mass Training Outline for Smart Bangladesh

There are about 7 crore skilled manpower in all sectors of the country and 3 crore unemployed also exist. By imparting training to the unemployed and providing certificates to the skilled, the development of smart Bangladesh can be facilitated by the development of a smart workforce. The 'Mass Training and Certification' method is an innovation that does not require any training centers, any trainers or any training materials.

This can only be implemented through hands-on training. This will require a deliberate decision by the head of government. If this invented method is implemented, about three crore unemployed people can be brought under employment in five years. It will be possible to collect about tenfold more remittance than at present by utilizing the trained population in different countries of the world.

There have about lakhs of trainable institutions in 93 sectors of public, private, autonomous, private ownership in the country and about 7 crore skilled people are working in all those institutions. Skilled workers of all those institutions will be the trainers, institutions will be the training centers and work equipment and stuffs will be the training materials. In these institutes, trainees can take training in 95 technical positions in 34 trades. They will receive practical training through intensive hands-on work for only 3-6 months as helpers with skilled manpower working in each trade and will acquire skills and abilities.

The trainees will be trained in trades/positions that are in demand in the country and also in the global market. For example - Agriculture, Fisheries, Poultry Farms, Dairy Farms etc. Factories, Government Institutions like PDB, REB, PWD, LGED etc. and various Construction/Developer Institutions will provide training in all trade-based subjects.

In the current reality, Immigrant Bangladeshi workers are being paid a quarter of their salary and are largely given non-prestigious jobs due to lack of skill certificates. Also, our manpower export system is largely corrupt and harassable. That is why unskilled workers are risking their lives to enter foreign countries and die. Again, many workers are stuck in jail despite going abroad. The rest are living an inhuman life on very low wages. Though there is a huge demand for skilled workers in abroad. Only a proficiency certificate of international standard is required. International standards must be followed in issuing the certificate so that any country in the world evaluate the certificate.

Implementation of the proposed Mass training and certification program will require a high-capacity manpower structure headed by a Secretary in the Prime Minister's Office. There will be a Joint-Secretary/Additional Secretary in each department under the control of this manpower. The country may divide into 140 regions and each region is to be considered as a district. Manpower structure should be formed under the leadership of a Deputy Commissioner (Training) like the present Deputy Commissioner. Manpower structure will be formed under the leadership of one UNO (Training) in each upazila. DC (Training) will be ILO approved, who will sign the issued certificate which will be valued in every country of the world.

Everyone should take humanely responsibility in the implementation of the program. The level of responsibility of each will be determined. To participate in this program, participation of all business organizations should be ensured, such as FBCCI, Dhaka Chamber of Commerce, all central business and professional organizations, Institute of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB), Shadhinota Chikitshok Porishad (SHACHIP), Krishibid Institute, Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB), Institute of Diploma Engineers Bangladesh (IDEB), Diploma Agriculturists Association and Nirman Sramik Association. The program will be implemented through the universal participation of the central leaders of all public-private service associations, departmental heads of each ministry. Each will work within their respective responsibilities to implement the in-service training program.

Government will seek the cooperation from DC (Training), district-based owners of all public-private establishments and industrial establishments, in-charge officers of autonomous and privately-owned establishments, chamber officials, officials of various associations and officials of all levels of the district for the implementation of the training program.' As per the survey list by the Government and Private Committee, DC (Training) will invite applications for training in respective posts. As per the application form, a candidate will have a maximum of 10 posts for training, So that there is an opportunity to receive training in any one of the remaining 9 posts if they do not get a place in the prescribed post. Union Sub-Assistant Agriculture Officers and Fisheries and Animal Resources Officers will conduct group training in groups of 15 to 20 people in Agriculture, Fisheries, Poultry and Dairy Farms along with their work.

District youth development officer and upazila youth development officer, district commissioner's nominated officer, district chamber officer, district IEB and IDEB officer, officer of district agriculturist institute and representative of diploma agriculturist association and district construction workers union etc. This committee will be responsible for the overall supervision and implementation of the training program. If necessary, National Practical Training Program Limited will ensure daily attendance, training tools equipment and health services by providing consultancy in implementation of the training program directly at division and district levels.

As soon as the appointment of the district-wise DC (Training) has made, they will issue a notification on the same day in 140 districts across Bangladesh that all skilled workers in the age group of 15 to 55 years under the district will apply to the DC (Training) for obtaining a certificate in the prescribed form by mentioning the position in which they are skilled in the mentioned trades. Subject to the verification and selection of all the applications, each district must ensure issuance of certificate within 3 months. For this purpose, about 7 crore certificates of the same design should be prepared in advance.

After completion of the certificate program, a new notification will be issued on the same day for training in all trades/positions for reintegration training of 3 crore unemployed and frustrated and drug addicts of the country. Trainees will apply to DC (Training) for the preferred post in the prescribed form. In order to connect the certified post-based skilled workers of the district, the applicants will be posted as helpers for 3-6 months. The trainees will participate in district-based workshops every 15 days. In the workshop, the District Executive Engineer/Sub-Divisional Engineer/Medical Officer/ Lawyer/Human Resource Officer and District Magistrate will impart knowledge and awareness to the trainees about local and foreign laws, customs, language, medicine and related work.

The program will have government policies. There will be an obligation to participate in the training program. No one can go abroad without a certificate - a policy should be formulated through a government announcement. Bank loans and special facility policies should be ensured for purchasing tools for necessary work. Existing manpower working efficiently in the country will be given certificates on the basis of trade and position on the recommendation of concerned authorities. Arrangements to bring under certification should be made for those who acquire skills and abilities.

All the people of the country should be encouraged to implement this plan. Interest must be generated to participate in the training program. Participation of the Hon'ble Prime Minister, Ministers, Members of Parliament and Secretaries for the inauguration of the training program and distribution of certificates should be ensured for the speedy implementation of the training program.

Additional posts in the labor wing of diplomatic missions should be created by the initiative of the Government. They will work for the export of skilled manpower based on trade and position in abroad. Government and private institutions in each country must be informed through e-mail. They should be informed that such skilled manpower is available in Bangladesh. I

n that case, the demand letter of skilled people in Bangladesh should be presented through the concerned embassy. The requisition form should be sent by the embassy to the Training Cell of the Prime Minister's Office through the Ministry of External Affairs. Training cells will send those to each district according to the district quota. DC (Training) will accept the application of the certified workers to go abroad through the notification and grant a minimum loan of 50 thousand and a maximum of 1 lakh takas from the Karmosangsthan Bank of each district. In order to pay the loan and send the remittance, will open an account in the Karmosangsthan Bank and establish the GPS coordinates.

By following all these procedures, the safe, easy and corruption-free travel to the abroad of certified skilled manpower will be ensured; tenfold remittance will be earned, and smart Bangladesh will be established.

The writer is a, Chairman National Practical Training Program Limited.