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Maldives deports 186 foreigners, including 83 Bangladeshis

Published: 06:50, 17 February 2024

Maldives deports 186 foreigners, including 83 Bangladeshis

The Maldives government has deported a total of 186 foreigners who were found to have committed crimes, including visa violations and drug offenses.

Reports from the Adhadhu, a news outlet based in Male, confirmed that 83 of the deportees were from Bangladesh, followed by 43 Indians, 25 Sri Lankans, and 8 Nepalis.

These deportations come as the Maldives government is taking strict measures to shut down businesses that are being operated illegally.

In a press briefing on Tuesday, Homeland Security Minister Ali Ihusan stated that the ministry was working with the Economic Ministry to take action against these illegal businesses.

These businesses include both registered and unregistered entities, which may be operated by foreigners who are not the registered owners.

The Home Ministry is taking serious action by shutting down these businesses and deporting the foreigners who operate them.

A new law was enacted in December 2021, which allows the registration of such businesses to be terminated if there is evidence that the business is being operated with a foreigner earning profits either directly or indirectly.


According to the Immigration Controller, Shamaan Waheed, 186 foreigners who were found to have committed criminal offenses have been deported from the Maldives.

Immigration detained several people in operations conducted to find foreign workers who committed criminal offenses, out of whom those with valid documents and passports were deported.