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EWU investment and finance club organised ’NeXTor’

Staff Correspondent 

Published: 00:49, 6 March 2024

Update: 18:41, 9 March 2024

EWU investment and finance club organised ’NeXTor’

The landscape of financial investment is often perceived as intimidating, especially for budding investors navigating through the complexities of real-time markets. Recognizing the need to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, the East West University Investment and Finance Club introduces "CityBrokerage presents NeXTor - An Inter University Capital Market Based Real Time Investment Competition."
NeXTor is the first-ever national competition in Bangladesh of its kind, comprising four insightful workshops and four competitive rounds

. These components provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of investing in Bangladesh, stock market fundamentals, portfolio construction, and short-term investments. Participating teams will undergo workshops and compete in activities such as understanding stock market dynamics and engaging in real market trading based on their portfolios. Comprising four insightful workshops and four competitive rounds, NeXTor unfolds as a comprehensive journey into the intricacies of investing. From understanding the scopes of investment in Bangladesh to mastering the fundamentals of capital markets and delving into the nuances of stock screening and technical analysis, participants are equipped with a holistic understanding of investment strategies.

The registration for the event will be starting from 25th February and will continue till 6th March. The event spans approximately two months, commencing with the inaugural workshop scheduled for March 8th and culminating with the final round on May 4th. Undergraduate students from any University can participate in this Competition by forming a 2-3 member team.  Participants will not only attend workshops but also will engage in activities such as case analysis, portfolio construction, and real market trading based on their portfolios. This hands-on approach enables them to translate knowledge into tangible outcomes, refining their investment acumen in real-time scenarios. NeXTor invites students to seize the opportunity to showcase their financial prowess and elevate their investment game. By participating in this competition, individuals can turn their investment strategies into tangible success, embarking on a journey towards financial empowerment and proficiency.

An intriguing fact of the event is that teams advancing to Round 3 will receive 10,000 taka for real-time trading purposes and they get to keep the profit earned from it. The allure of NeXTor extends beyond the thrill of competition, offering a lucrative prize pool to reward excellence. With a total prize pool worth 2,00,000 BDT, along with BO accounts, trophies, certifications, and internships at City Brokerage Limited, participants are incentivized to push their boundaries and excel in the realm of investment. Beyond the competition, NeXTor fosters a community of like-minded individuals passionate about finance and investment. Participants have the opportunity to network, collaborate, and learn from each other, further enriching their educational experience and nurturing lifelong connections. 
NeXTor excels above conventional boundaries, empowering undergraduate students to embark on a journey of financial exploration and mastery. With its blend of practical learning, competitive spirit, and rewarding incentives, NeXTor sets the stage for a transformative experience, shaping the future leaders of the investment landscape in Bangladesh. In the realm of investment, opportunity knocks at the door of those bold enough to seize it. With NeXTor, the door is wide open, inviting students to step into a world of possibilities and unlock their potential as the next generation of savvy investors. For more details regarding the event you can visit  EWU Investment & Finance Club - Facebook page.